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The Outrigger-Sun Peak Traverse

Scrambles Updates
This is a list of updates for the guidebook "Scrambles in Southwest British Columbia". It includes roads changes and corrections.

Matt Gunn's Trip Reports
This is a page of my personal trip reports. The trips include skiing, kayaking and scrambling starting in the fall of 2004

Scrambles Accident Reports
This is a page where accident reports for scramble routes are listed. Educate yourself and others about the risks involved in scrambling.

Scrambles Guidebook Index
Download an Excel spreadsheet with a bunch of details on every route in the scrambles guidebook. Thanks a bunch to Brad Vaillancourt for putting it together.

Scrambling Guidebook Feedback
Any feedback for the guidebook "Scrambles in Southwest British Columbia" would be appreciated. Please contact us about road changes, mistakes and suggestions.
Click here to send feedback.

Scrambles in SWBC Google Earth File
This .kmz file indicates summits and trailheads. Thanks to Adrien for putting it together.
Click here for details.

Now Available:
Scrambles in Southwest British Columbia

This site is intended to act as a source of continual updates for "Scrambles in Southwest British Columbia" by Matt Gunn. New information on road changes, corrections and new route descriptions will be posted here. If you discover any inaccuracies in the guidebook, please alert the author though the "Contact Cairn" link at the bottom of the page.

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