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Now Available:
Scrambles in Southwest British Columbia

Ski Trips 2009-2010
Blackcomb Backcountry, December
Beverley Lake, December
Frosty Mountain, December
Cerise Creek, December
Cerise Creek, November
Chief Pascal, November
Zupjok, November

Ski Trips 2008-2009
Red Heather, December
Heliotrope, December
Blackcomb Backcountry, December
Mount Seymour, December
Queen Elizabeth Park, December
Mount Baker Ski Area, December
Hollyburn, December
Mount Seymour, December
Grizzly Shoulder (Roger's Pass), December
Hollyburn, January
Hollyburn, January
Mount Seymour, January
Callaghan Nordic Centre Trees, January
Mount Seymour, January
Mount Seymour, January
Strachan, January
Great Bear, Coquihalla, January
Hollyburn, January
Needle-Two Bears Traverse, February
Rainbow Loop, February
Strachan, February
Pauls Ridge, March
Mount Ann, March
Markhor, March
Steep Creek, March
Rohr Trees, March
Aspen Loop, March
Seymour, April
Callaghan, April
Chief Pascal, April
Mount Price, April
Little Diamond Head, April
Cypress Mountain, May

Ski Trips 2007-2008
Mount Baker
Currie to Wedge Day Trip
Jimmy Jimmy
Spearhead Traverse
Ashlu-Elaho Traverse, May

McBride Range Traverse, April
West Lion Circumski, April
Sphinx Hut, Mount Carr and The Sphinx, April
Snowspider, April
Thar, April
North Joffre Loop, April
Mount Herman, April
Hanging Lake, April
Million Dollar Couloir?, April

Cypress Dawn Patrol, April
Pattison, March
Chief Pascal, March
Hollyburn, March
Steep Creek, March
Vantage Peak, NE Face, March
Mount Currie Heli Drop, Y Couloir, March
Thar Peak, February
Mount Currie Heli Drop, February
Metaldome, February
Vantage Bowl, February
Whirlwind, February
Brew Hut, February
Metaldome, January
Caspar Arm, January
Sproatt, January
Cayoosh NW Basin, January
Rohr, December
Hollyburn, December
Cloudburst, November
Musical Bumps, November
Red Heather, November
Brohm, Early November
Heliotrope Ridge , October

Ski Trips 2006-2007
Pelion, July 5
Faceless, July 1
Boulder Creek, June 30
Sun God, June 20
Wedge Couloir, June 2-3
Ronayne Couloir, May 19
Garibaldi Neve, May 12

Spearhead Glacier , April 29
Pascal Basin, April 22
Rohr Area, April 21
Blackcomb-Currie Traverse, April 7-9
Mount Currie Recon, April 1
Steep Creek, March 31
Blackcomb Backcountry - Decker, March 27
Blackcomb Backcountry - Phalanx, March 26
Caspar Creek, March 22
Chief Pascal Area, March 21
Rohr, March 20
Harvey Circumnav, March 10
Caspar Creek, February 25
Rohr Chutes, February 24
Rohr, Febraury 13-16
Joffre NE aspect Recon, February 2
Duke, January 27
Saxifrage, January 14
Tszil, January 13
Birthday Chute, January 11
Zoa Peak, January 7
Harrison Hut, December 28 - January 4
Steep Creek, December 3

Vantage Arm, December 2
Cerise Creek Birthday Tour, November 25
Cerise Creek, November

Ski Trips 2005-2006
South American Ski Trip Report
South American Ski Blog, August 4-31
Pelion, June 21
Cheam Peak, June 11

Tricouni Peak, June 10
Ruth Mountain, June
Locomotive Mountain, June 3
Blackwall Peak (What the Buck?), May 21
Shuksan White Slamon Glacier, May 14
Cloudburst Mountain, May 13
Slalok, April 30
Baker Backcountry, April 23
Rainbow Heli Drop, April 22
Phelix Creek, April 14-17
Cloudburst, April 1

Zoa Peak, March 24
Cerise Trees, March 22
Wedgemount Lake, March 17-19
North Joffre Horseshoe, March 11-13
Not Slalok, Feruary 25
Spearhead Traverse Day Trip, February 19
Cypress Backcountry-Howe Sound Crest Trail, February 18
Cayoosh Mountain, February 13
Mount Matier Northwest Face, February 11
Marriott Basin, February 8-10, 2006
Sproatt, February 5
Zoa Peak, January 29
Singing Pass, January 21-22
Steep Creek, January 14-15
Cayoosh Mountain, January 8
Musical Bumps, January 7
Musical Bumps, January 4

Cerise, December 18
Ptarmigan Ridge, December 10-11
Brew Hut, November 20
Diamond Head, November 13
Baker Backcountry, November 12

Ski Trips 2004-2005
Mount Baker - Roman Headwall, June 20
Matier - NE Ridge, June 18-19
Mount Garibaldi, May 28

Aussie Couloir, May 20
Needle Peak, April 2
Cerise Creek, March 28-31
Blackcomb Backcountry - Decker Glacier, March 22
Fissile Peak - Northwest Face, Feb 26
Slalok North Face, Feb 20

Table Mountain Circuit, Mount Baker, Feb 19
Marriott Basin, Feb 9-11
Duffey Lake Traverse, Jan 4-9
Pebble Creek, Dec 27-Jan 2
Cerise Creek Dec 11-12
Paul's Ridge, Nov 28
Anniversary Glacier, Nov 27
Mount Baker - Coleman Glacier, Oct 31

Ski Trips 2003-2004
Pelion, May
Garibaldi Hut Trip, March

Ski Trips 2002-2003
Mamquam, May

Scrambles/Backpacking Trips 2009
Brew Hut Area, August
Norrish Creek, August
Thar-Yak-Nak, August
Crown Mountain, Crater Slabs, August
White Dyke Abort Edge Peak, September
Chief Pascal, September
Seagram Lakes, October

Scrambles/Backpacking Trips 2008
Ronayne, July
Gott Creek, July
Guanaco and Vicuna, July
Hatfield, August
McGuire, August
Mountain Lakes, August
Coquihalla and Tulameen, August
Outrigger to Sun Peak, September
Silvertip, September
Isolillock, October
Tricouni Meadows East, October
Mount Hanover, October
Dewdney, November

Scrambles/Backpacking Trips 2007
Gott Creek West

Callaghan Mountain
Downton Creek
Mount Conway
Athelney Pass
Cypress Falls Canyoneering
Robie Reid
Jim Kelly and Coquihalla
Cheakamus Lake
Elusive Peak
Morris Tresspass
Fee Attempt
Tricouni East Meadows

Scrambles/Backpacking Trips 2006
Mount Gillespie, September
East Tricouni Meadows, September

Scrambles/Backpacking Trips 2005
Needle Peak NE Ridge, August 11
Sigurd Peak, August
Southern Chilcotins, July 18-30
Downton Creek, June 29-30
Mount Elsay, May 29
Snass Attempt, June 4-5

Kayak Trips 2005-2006
Central Coast Kayking, July 8-30

Kayak Trips 2004-2005
Quadra Island SKGABC Assistant Guides Exam, June 11-12
Clayquot Sound, April 10-15
Broken Group , March 23-25

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