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mount garibaldi

May 28, 2005

Skied the Northeast face of Mount Garibaldi on this warm, sunny day. Scott Nelson, Robin McKillop and I drove to the gate on Brohm Ridge and slpet for 3 hours. At 1 AM we got and up got ready to go. By 2 AM we were skinning up to Brohm Ridge. We followed the ridge to the Warren Glacier, and as we began across the glacier, sunlight hit the face. The shrund was well covered, so an easy bookpack took us to the top by 7:30 AM. By this time the snow was getting soft, so we took a few pictures and skied down from the top. The upper face was 45 degrees for a short pitch, followed by 40 degrees for the rest of the face. Below the face the mellow (30, then 20 degrees) glacier was in excellent conditions, with easy corn allowing fast GS turns. We took a few naps on the way back to the car, which we returned to around 2 pm. It was a great day.

Ski Tour Rating (click here for more information)
Overall Tour Difficulty AD+
Ski Difficulty S4
Difficulty Comments The upper face begins with a short section of 45° followed by a longer 40° section. A fall from the top would result in a long slide towards a bergshrund, which may fill in mid-winter.

Line of ski descent off summit of Garibaldi Mountain

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