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backcountry skiing argentina and chile

I spent August 2006 in South America searching for some good backcountry ski touring. It turned out to be a fantastic trip, probably one of my best ski trips so far. I managed to do some ski touring in Argentina and Chile. I checked out some of the day trips around Bariloche, made a trip to Refugio Frey, skied Pitre above El Bolson, and did a 1 week tour of some volcanoes in Chile, making ski ascents and descents of Volcan Lanin, Volcan Villarrica, Volcan Llaima and Volcan Lonquimay. The Chilean volcano tour was probablay some of them most fun ski mountaineering I've done. The volcanoes make fantastic objectives for ski tours. They offer large relief and excellent spring corn which make for phenomenal ski descents. The ski touring in this part of the world is highly recommended. Click on the links below to see my trip reports.

South American Trip Reports
Cerro Lopez Tree Skiing
Refugio Frey Ski Touring
Volcan Lanin Ski Ascent
Volcan Villarrica Ski Descent
Volcan Llaima Ski Descent
Volcan Lonquimay Ski Descent
Cerro Challhauco Ski Descent
Cerro Lopez Ski Descent
Cerro Piltriquitrón Ski Descent

Life on the Bariloche Ski Trip

Trip Planning
Planning a ski trip to the Bariloche region

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