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blackwall peak

May 21, 2006

What the buck? (when ski trips go horribly wrong...)

Alpine start? check
Snowpack? check (barely)
Slopes over 10 degrees? uhh...

Grahame, Jonathan, Dave and I had high hopes of skiing the Ashlu-Elaho divide. First the we leared that the road was blocked, so we switched plans to exploration of the Railroad Group. Crummy weather and warm temps left us with little motivation and our three day trip wound up as a one day trip. We scoured the forecasts for good weather, and the best chance at blue sky were out in manning. Unfortunately the park was pretty much in full summer mode and we found very little in the way of snow or slopes. We tried to climb Big Buck Mountain, but ran out of all enthusiasm quite a ways from the summit. Too much slogging across 10 degree forested slopes. I came home depressed.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This trip earns the prestigious "Least successful outing of 2006" award.

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Hmmm... what's wrong with this picture. Click here for a video explanation.


Still searching.


We finaly find the Manning Gnar! Slow down crazy man!


Dave, Jonathan, Grahame and Matt at our high point for the day. The manning fools.


"This trip is sweet! I love skinning back up to the trailhead from flat meadows!"


Savour the logging road. "When can we come back for more?"

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