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north joffre horseshoe

March 11-13, 2006

We had planned to do the McBride Traverse, however a bad forecast for later in the week caused us to change our objectives. Instead we headed out to do the North Joffre Horseshoe, often referred to as the Place Glacier Traverse. The trip went really well and we were all very impressed with the route and the terrain in the area. There are a lot of great lines to ski above North Joffre Creek and everyone was keen to spend more time skiing lines here in the future.

Crossing the marsh towards Cassiope-Saxifrage


Above the Cassiope-Saxifrage Col


Heading to Camp 1, Cassiope in the background


Cooking up dinner at Camp 1


Camp 1 below Saxifrage summit


The crew: Martin Holloway, Stephen Ziff, Chris Gooliaff and Matt Gunn


Stephen skiing north facing slopes below Saxifrage


Chris at the Olds-Oleg Col


Chris skiing the North Face of Oleg


North Face of Oleg - our tracks are just visible


Ascending back to the Olds-Oleg col


Camp 2 - happy campers!


Camp 2 above the Place Glacier in the morning with ascent route hidden in the clouds


Climbing to the 8000 ft peak above the Place Glacier


Final tree descent from the 8000 ft peak back to North Joffre Creek and the vehicles.

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