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rainbow mountain heli drop

April 22, 2006

Jonathan put this amazing trip together, kudos to him for getting such a great crew and picking the right day. We burned some major dinosaurs and guaranteed ourselves a place off the list of local hardmen. It was an awesome day of turns with over 7000 ft of climbing and 12000 ft of descent. I've decided that the MEC mission statement could use a slight modification. I just want to get the words "heli drop" in there somewhere. We spent the entire day skiing laps on the north glacier. After 6 runs we headed out down the east glacier and exited along 19 Mile Creek. Tons of fun!!

Jonathan's photos from the Rainbow Heli Drop
Dave's photos from the Rainbow Heli Drop
Doug's photos from the Rainbow Heli Drop

Use the force young Luke.


Summit push. An exhausting ascent in difficult conditions lands us at the elusive summit of Rainbow at 8:40 am.


The crew: Dave, Hugo, Jonathan, Doug and Matt.


Setting our uptrack for the day on the North Glacier.


Oh yeah! 1000 feet of bliss.


Got to love that hat!


Heading to the top of the east glacier for our exit.


Last run of the day. Doug descending the upper east glacier.


Looking down the east glacier.


Contouring throught trees above 19 Mile Creek.


Must be another day in the Coast Mountains


Dave, Jonathan, Doug, Hugo and Matt. What a day!

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