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mount currie heli drop

Cam, JK and I had a great day on Currie. Finally!

A match made in heaven!


NW face of Currie. Our descent - the pencil chute, is marked by the white arrow.


JK and Cam scoping out another route, the dogleg pencil chute.


JK warming up on the southside.


Cam, JK and Matt, ready for some truns. But first....


Cam has to do some work!


So Cam, should we call for the long-line?


Matt raps into the pencil chute. Photo by Cam Campbell


Matt and JK wait for Cam to rap into the chute. Photo by Cam Campbell.


Getting past the cornice.


JK waits for Cam to finish rappelling.


Let's go!


Cam - happy we've got nice snow!


JK starting out.


JK leads us down the chute.


Matt skis in the penci chute. Photo by Cam Campbell.


More JK.


Even more JK.


And now some Cam.


More Cam


Much later we exit through the final chute.
I'll admit it, there was a significant section where the snow quality 'wasn't perfect'.


To the road of alder!


Alder Defence 101 - Show me your best alder block!


Cam, JK and Matt - escaped the alder with only a slight lashing.


Jk on the short hike back to the car.

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