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backcountry blackcomb

I had a great day out with Ziff in the backcountry of Blackcomb. What a day! Boxing day was very quiet in Blackcomb backcountry, we saw very few people, likely because of a forecasted strong temperature inversion. Despite the forecast, snow quality remained very good.

Ziff and the Onyx bindings.


Beautiful weather and mild temps = a great day of touring.


Skiing down to Circle Lake.


We encountered some large crevasses along the normal ascent route of Decker.


Heading up for another run in the vicinity of Circle Lake.


Ziff breaking trail... no surprises there.


Inversion be damned, we found high quality snow, even in the sun.


Ziff enjoys some excellent snow and fantastic views.


Touring back up past Circle Lake.


Ascending to reach the top of the Spearhead Glacier.


Great views of the Spearhead Range


Nice afternoon light on the Spearhead Glacier.


Matt and Ziff on an awesome day of touring.


Nice turns in Corona Bowl.


Beautiful light while exiting down Blackcomb runs.

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