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Now Available:
Scrambles in Southwest British Columbia

Most Useful Links for SWBC Ski Tour Planning
Whistler Alpine Recreation Forecast
- Excellent weather forecast with freezing levels
- Forecasts: Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, Lillooet, Chilliwack and Hope
Weather Network - Optimistic Forecasts: Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, Lillooet, Gold Bridge, Chilliwack, Hope, Manning
Olympic Venues - Cypress, Callaghan
14-Day Forecast - Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, Lillooet, Gold Bridge, Chilliwack, Hope, Manning
Weather-Forecast: Vancouver
Coquihalla Highway Forecast Version 1 and Version 2 (includes Manning Park)
UBC Forecast - our by hour forecasts, includes the Duffey Lake. Click here for instructions.

Snow-Forecast (with freezing levels): - Whistler, Cypress, Grouse, Seymour, Baker
Glacier, Washington forecast - with freezing levels
North Cascades Forecast - See "West Slopes Northern Cascades and Passes" at bottom
NWAC North Cascades Forecast
North Shore Forecast - Detailed forecast with freezing levels
Weather Stations
Whistler Blackcomb - Current Temperatures
Whistler Blackcomb Weather Station Data
Snow Reports - Whistler, Whistler Olypic Park (Callaghan), Callaghan Country, Cypress, Grouse, Seymour, Baker
MOT Historical Data
, DriveBC Weather and Web Cams
Accumulated Mount Baker Weather Station Data - Current - Historical
BC Hydro Callaghan Weather Station Info - This weather station is located at 880 m (2900 ft). Click here to see the location.
Callaghan Valley Past 24 Hour Conditions
Hindcasts (click on "Historical Snow" followed by "Hindcasts")- Whistler, Baker
Past Weater Data
SnowPillow Graphs - Great Bear (Coquihalla Pass), Upper Squamish River, Tenquille Lake, Green Mountain, Chilliwack River, Wahleach Lake
Web Cams
Whistler and Blackcomb - excellent web cams
Whistler Olymic Park - Callaghan
Coquihalla - Coquihalla Snowshed, Coquihalla Summit, Coquihalla Lakes
Squamish Webcam - Howesound
Cloudburst Webcam - Large Version
Mount Garibaldi Webcam - Large Version
Sea to Sky Highway - Squamish South, Squamish North, Garibaldi, Whistler
Manning Park
Vancouver (Burrard Bridge), North Shore (Grouse) from Downtown
Brohm Ridge Webcam
Cayoosh Pass Webcam
Pemberton Webcam
Avalanche Forecasts
CAA Forecasts - South Coast, North Shore
Whistler-Blackcomb Avalanche Forecast
NWAC Cascades Avalanche Forecast - For Baker check " Olympics- Washington Cascades Near and West of the Crest"
Avalanche Conditions Reports
Coast Avi Reports and Observations

MCR Reports

Scramble Links - The source for mountain information in Southwest British Columbia - a popular forum of hikers in southwest british columbia. lots of trip reports.
Varsity Outdoor Club - Active forum with plenty of trips. Members only. Check out the VOC wiki as well.
- a popular forum of climbers in the pacific northwest
British Columbia Mountaineering Club - A Vancouver based mountain club that runs many trips and courses
Alpine Club of Canada - Vancouver Section - Local chapter of a national mountain club with trips and courses.
North Shore Hikers - An active Vancouver based group that organizes frequent hiking and scrambling trips. - an online guidebook Canadian wilderness activities

Live Trails - A good collection of trail reports.

Backcountry Skiing Links
Turns-All-Year - Popular forum with lots of good trip reports. Click here for the trips forum.
John Baldwin Website - Author of the guidebook to ski touring in SWBC. - Lou Dawson's website on all things backcountry skiing. - A very active tele forum; check out the Coast Mountains Conditions page. Click here for the main forum.
Backcountry Magazine - This site has a good discussion forum for all things backcountry skiing. - A snowriding community with some content for backcountry skiers.
Teton Gravity Research Forum - Mixed bag. Occasionally there are some threads about the local area.
Amar Andalkar's Ski Mountaineering - Lots of information on skiing volcanoes on the Pacific Rim plus some trip reports
Northwest Mountaineering Journal - A couple good articles about backcountry skiing in Washington
straightchuter - Backcountry ski blog
wikidsteeps - Sky's steepsking info
skiing golden - good blog on skiing in teh golden area
kootenayskier - nelson backcountry skier blog
Grouse Moutnain OB skiing hoopla

Backcountry Skiing Canada Coast Forum

Weather Forecast Links
- Forecasts: Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, Lillooet, Chilliwack and Hope
Whistler Alpine Recreation Forecast - Excellent weather forecast with freezing levels
Weather Network - Optimistic Forecasts: Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, Lillooet, Gold Bridge, Chilliwack, Hope
UBC Forecast - Very Cool! Hour by hour forecasts for many areas including the Duffey Lake. Click here for instructions.
Jet Stream - When the grey is over the Coast we're getting weather!

Wind Speed and direction at 9000 feet
North Shore Forecast - An excellent detailed forecast for the North Shore with freezing levels
Southern Chilcotins Weather Forecast - Courtesy of TLH Heliskiing (good set of weather links)
Canadian Parks Forecasts - Selected Parks in Canada - Golden Ears, Cypress, Skihist (Lytton)
Manning Park Weather Forecast - The Weather Network Forecast for Manning Park
Baker Ski Area Detailed 3-day forecast with freezing levels
Mount Baker Forecast from National Weather Service

Mount Baker ski area 7-day forecast with freezing levels
Baker Ski Area detailed 5-day forecast
Glacier, Washington forecast - with freezing levels
Northwest Avalanche Center Forecast
Canadian Ski Resort Snow-Forecasts
North Cascades NOAA Weather Forecasts

Web Cam Links
Whistler and Blackcomb - excellent web cams
Squamish Kitesurfing Webcam - Click "squamish webcam" at the bottom of the menu on the left.
Coquihalla Cam 1 & Cam 2 - at the Coquihalla Pass (More Highways Cams)
Squamish Webcam - Howesound
Cloudburst Webcam
Mount Garibaldi Webcam
Squamish Webcam - The Chief
Cheam Range and Chilliwack area webcam
Mount Baker webcam
North Cascades Web Cam
Manning Park WebCam
Manning Park NAV CAMs
Vancouver - English Bay Webcam
Brohm Ridge Webcam - Coming soon from Black Tusk Snowmobile Club

Snow Pillow Data Links
Real Time Snow Pillow Data and River Forecast Centre
Excellent source of current temp and snow depth info for several BC locations.
Check this page for an explanation of how to interpret this data.
Upper Squamish River
- Elevation: 1340 m (4400 ft) Latitude: 50° 09' Longitude: 123° 26'
Tenquille Lake
- Elevation: 1680 m (5500 ft) Latitude: 50° 32' Longitude: 122° 56'
Green Mountain (Gold Bridge)
- Elevation: 1780 m (5800 ft) Latitude: 50° 48' Longitude: 122° 55'
Blackwall Peak (Manning Park)
- Elevation: 1940 m (6360 ft) Latitude: 49° 06' Longitude: 120° 46'
Chilliwack River - Elevation: 1600 m (5250 ft) Latitude: 49° 02' Longitude: 121° 43'
Great Bear (Coquihalla Pass) - Elevation: 1660 m (5446 ft) Latitude: 49° 36' Longitude: 121° 11'

Weather Station Links
Whistler Blackcomb - Current Temperatures
BC Hydro Callaghan Weather Station Info - This weather station is located at 880 m (2900 ft). Click here to see the Callaghan location. Click here to see other BC Hydro weather stations.
Highway Weather Cams and Weather Station Data - Temperature at the Duffey and the Coquihalla. Here's a link to the Cayoosh Weather Station.
Callaghan Lodge Current Weather - Located near Whistler in the Callaghan Valley on Conflict Lake at 4500 feet elevation.
Grouse Mountain Current Conditions - This site has information on current freezing levels on the North Shore
Mount Seymour Ccurrent conditions & snow report
Cypress Mountain Snow Report
Manning Ski Area Snow Report
Mount Baker Ski Area Weather Station 4220 feet elevation 0°C = 32°F
Accumulated Mount Baker Weather Station Data - Thanks to Amar!
Mount Baker Ski Area Current Conditions
Mt. Baker Area road conditions
Whistler/Blackcomb Weather Station Data
Weatheroffice - Environment Canada Stations

Weather Prediction Model Links
University of Washington Loop - Select west coast2/IR/NWS/48all and wait to load
Unisys Forecast - Great weather forecast loop. The 6 day panel is also good.
Weather Maps - Use Medium Range GFS up to 3 days out. Accuracy past that time is low.
850mb ETA Freezing Level at ~1600m (5250 ft) - Maps with predictions. Click here for explanation.
Washinton State Forecast Discussion
North Pacific Satellite Loop - NOAA site. Check for other options.
Rescue Dynamics Weather Links
Informalex Weather Links
Western Canada Sattelite Loop- Environment Canada

Avalanche Links
Canadian Avalanche Association - Regional Canadian Avalanche Forecasts.
Whistler-Blackcomb Avalanche Advisory - Excellent forecast, updated daily
North Shore Avalanche Advisory - Another excellent forecast, hosted by North Shore Rescue
Coast Mountains Avalanche Discussion - Post you observations here and check for recent activity.
Northwest Avalanche Center Forecast - This bulletin covers the Mount Baker area - Great American site with lots of content and links
Heuristic Traps - Very good information about decision making issues. Read this!
Arfi - Compilation of Western Canada weather stations, forecasts, webcams, etc.
Swarm - Spreadsheet model for snowpack daytime warming
GSwarm - GIS model for snowpack daytime warming

Trip Report Links
the endless winter - finally! one of my ski buddies has a web presence. grahame blogblogblog.
Jonathan's Ski Picts -
Gotta love jonathan's ski photography!
Norte-Sapporo - My Hokkaido ski buddy Aki runs a guiding company. I miss Japan!
Dora's Adventures - Who's that girl?! - A whistler based ski blog. some great backcountry trips -: Sky Sjue's Ski Sickness, great trip reports from Washington
Paul Belitz - Washington skier. lots of photos
Mountain Phil - Washington skier, lots of fun video trip reports
Cascade Cruisers - More Washington ski trip reports. pretty inspiring trips and photos
Cascade Crest - Amazing North Cascade link up traverses. Lowell Skoog's Website.
Alpine Slider - Even more Washington ski trip reports. nice looking site - More trip reports from Washington
Ben Manfredi - A website dedicated to the memory of a Washington skier
Stephane Durocher - Vancouver based trip reports. Skiing, scrambling, etc. - Good Vancouver based trip reporst and photos for scrambling routes.
Lee and Sharon - Lots of detailed backcountry skiing trip reports, especially whistler-blackcomb area.
Brian's Photos - Local trips.. Heli drops on currie, cayoosh, rainbow and ipsoot. Check out his site.
Red Lobster Journals - Awesome! Trip reports from the Coast dating back to the 60's. Check out the gear!
Greg Hill's Blog - Amazing stuff, lots in Roger's Pass
TetonAT - Ski blog from. you guessed it, the Tetons.
Rob's Ski and Travel images - Another buddy has ski picts online, nice!
Cheetah Factory Racing - Snowmoboarding. Pemberton folks who access areas such as the Hurley with sleds.
Nathan's Trip Reports - Another buddy with trip reports! yay!
Bob Maudie's Blog - Some local ski trips
Hydrogen + Stupidity - More local trip reports

Live Trails - This site has a bunch of updates and photos from SWBC trails.
SkinTrack - Stano Faban's ski blog.
Ski Theory - Alex Wigley's blog.
100 Days of Adventure - Great collection of SWBC trip reports.
Dave Treadway
Daryl Treadway
Wiskey Tahoe
Foon Skis Blog - Photos
Ski Sickness Trip Reports
FYI Designs Blog

Interesting Mountain Links
World Wind - A free NASA program that allows 3D fly troughs of mountain terrain. Simply amazing.
Canadian Topographical Maps - Amazing! Every 1:50000 and 1:250000 topo map of Canada available for free as tiff files. Another set is located here.
TerraServer - Satellite photos of the United States
North Cascades Air Photos - A nice collection by John Scurlock. Check out the amazing geotagged image collection!
Astronomy Calander of Events - A great list of celestial events in the night sky. Know before you go and enjoy the show!
Trail Repository - A good site with the ability to create custom topo maps at a good scale.
Informalex Weather Websites
Topozone - Online source of 1:20000 topo maps for all of the US.
Washington Topo Maps - a great source of 1:20,000 topo maps
Toporama - A provincial government site with online access to topo maps

Provincial Basemap - Click on "Provincial Basemap" on the lower part of the left-hand navigation menu. Also good maps found under the link for "Land and Resource Data Warehouse Catalogue".
Mountain Conditions Report - Postings by ACMG guides on current mountain conditions. Sign up for daily email.
World Cellular Rental - A great company to rent sat phones from. I've had great serivce and cost is reasonable.
imap BC - Online topo maps for British Columbia
Squamish Forest District Road Updates. - Include Hurely Pass Road
EarthDetails 3D Maps - Interesting map site.
Canadian Topo Maps for Garmin GPS
Washington Topo Maps for Garmin GPS

Chilcotin Mountain Trail System - Chilcotin Wilderness System Website

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