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statlu lake access

Thanks to Jeremy Thom for this update:
I took a shot at Statlu Lake today, unfortunately without checking into access online first.   Oops.  Anyways, the access by the Chehalis FSR is still restricted, but better than previously reported.  There is no problem with the bridge at 15km.  Any 2WD car can make it all the way to Skwellepil Creek at 32km from the Lougheed.  However, shortly after that there are two huge ditches, impassable by even the most jacked up 4x4.  You might be tempted to try an ATV or mountain bike from there.  Not worth it.  About 1km further along is a giant landslide, at least a few hundred meters wide, and impassable except on foot.  My dog couldn't get across it, so I had to turn back.  However, it would be pretty straightforward for a human, pack or not.  Presumably the road is fine after the slide, so if you park at the first ditch, you're looking at only about 7 km of extra hiking on road - maybe 2 hrs with a pack.  Makes a day trip a bit long, but that's not too much to add if you're staying overnight or for a few days to climb.  I haven't been able to figure out the Mystery Creek access and how much longer it would take, driving time from Vancouver.  Depending on the extra driving, hiking up the Chehalis FSR might be a good option. Also, while I'm no geotechnical engineer, the size and looseness of the big slide tell me that the closure is going to be permanent.  (27-July-2008)


Thanks to Johannes Muellegger for this update:
The main road is closed due to a washout at ~ km 15 but the alternate route along Harrison lake and up the Mystery Creek is driveable even with a 2WD car all the way down to the north end of Chehalis lake where there 4WD road turns of (as described in your book). This road is in very bad conditions shortly after the intersection for approximately 150 m. We made it past that section with a Toyota 4 Runner but where stopped at about 3.5 km by another washout and missing bridge. It's a not to long bikeride from there to the trailhead. The trail to the upper lake is not in the best shape but still flagged all they way up. (6-August-2007)

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